Why Donate?

Your financial support will enable the Long Island Library Resources Council to help participating libraries and historical societies make Long Island’s history available online.

This consortium will pursue the common goal of serving the Long Island community by digitizing and providing historic materials to genealogists, researchers, students, teachers, and for the pleasure of the general public.

If you would like to donate:

  1. Please complete the donation form and mail it with your contribution to the address indicated on the form.  Please make the check or money order payable to:  LILRC
  1. Click to use PayPal

Financial Donations

There are several ways you can make a financial donation to the Long Island Library Resources Regional Digitization Program, “Long Island Memories.” Gifts of any size are appreciated, and we will keep your personal and financial information completely confidential.  Your donation in any of the forms listed below will be used to help member libraries and organizations add new collections to the Program.  In these difficult economic times, many of these organizations are hard pressed to find the funding to
digitize additional materials.  The consortium has been able to sustain the Program since 2002, but additional funding will allow the collections to grow with newly digitized materials.

Memorials and Tributes

Donations may be made to the Program as a cash gift for the purpose of a memorial tribute, or other recognition.

Outright Gifts and Planned Giving

The Long Island Library Resources Council welcomes gifts from individual, corporations, foundations and estates for general support of digitization services.

LILRC is a not-for-profit organization, classified as a 501© (3) and gifts are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

While the typical donation is an outright gift, a planned gift  may let you create a legacy for your community while meeting your financial and personal objectives.

We suggest that you talk with your attorney or financial advisor about the best way to benefit
“Long Island Memories” with your generosity.

The historian, Thomas Carlyle said that history was the “biography of Great Men”. his may be true in some respect; Great Men would hardly achieve great things without Followers – the farmers, factory workers, and laborers who bring the dreams of those Great Men to fruition.  Thus, Local History – the story of the people in a neighborhood, a ghetto, a town, and their personal links to the larger community of county, district, state and nation – becomes “history as the biography of the Common Man,”  and reminds us that history (and the responsibility for it) begin in one’s own back yard.

Jackson, Katherine, “Why is knowing local history important?”  themargatesociety/news/whyisknowinglocalhistoryimportant. posted 3 Apr 2011 04:31.


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