Brentwood Public Library


Brentwood Historical Collection

Deer Park/Wyandanch History by Verne Dyson: Written in 1957 by a local historian, this book gives a brief history of the two hamlets. Century of Brentwood by Verne Dyson: also written by the same author who lived in Brentwood and edited the local newspaper, “The Brentwood Bulletin” based his research on interviews, primary resources, and historical references found at the Suffolk County Historical Society.

Brentwood Historical Documents

A collection of letters, real estate pamphlets, etc.

Brentwood Pen and Ink Drawings

A collection of Marie Diccie’s drawings of historic landmarks. Marie Diccie is a resident of Brentwood.

Brentwood Historical Photographs

A collection of photographs whose subject covers people and places from Brentwood’s history.

Brentwood Postcards

A collection of postcards of landmarks in the Brentwood Community.  They are part of the James Fordyce Collection.


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