Glen Cove Public Library

The Robert R. Coles Long Island History Room of the Glen Cove Public Library contains a variety of library and archival resources. The library is committed to collecting, organizing and preserving memories and materials of Glen Cove. Most of the items are related directly to Long Island History, especially the history of Glen Cove and its surrounding communities.

Glen Cove’s digital library consists of materials related to Glen Cove’s history, culture, places and people. Hundreds of photographs, books and documents are found in the Robert R. Coles Long Island History Collection.

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  • Postcards:Glen_postcard
    Early picture postcards of Glen Cove are charming and engaging to view. Beyond their visual appeal and nostalgia, these early postcards tell us a great deal about our community during the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Glen_photoPhotographs:
    The Robert R. Coles Long Island History Collection contains many photographs of people, places and events in Glen Cove and vicinity.

    The collection includes: Dan Russell Collection, Glen Cove Public Library Collection,Historical Society Collection, James Santo Collection, Joan Harrison Collection,Kohler Album, Ladew Company Photographs, Ludlam/Uhlendorf Collection, Mansions of Glen Cove, Miscellaneous History Photo Collection, Old Glen Cove Photo Albums, Sutter-Pembroke Collection.